EwF with Exceptionally wonderful Friends



Berry Cake Crumble from Gastronomia



EwF @ HV!






Dave and Mark


Sour Cream and Onion Fries


Annabelle's Spaghetti


My tandoori Chicken sandwich with Garlic and Herbs fries


Melts in your mouth... Nutella Tart!


My end product (Y)

Headed to EwF@HV for dinner with Mark, Dave, Abriel, and my sis last night and it was a very enjoyable meal be it the food that we had, or the company of friends that i was with. I really loved the white and neat setting of EwF. EwF is like this quiet cafe seated in the chill-out and repose streets of HollandV which allows you to have a wonderful meal with the company of a special someone or a group of friends.

I had the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich which was really good because 1) i love bread, and 22) The chicken leg was flame-grilled to perfection leaving the final product of the meat to be so tender and succulent. *Thumbs Up*

Mark had the Char-siew Burger which he expressed in one word: “WOW!!”. I tried a portion of it and boy was it delectable. I’m guessing the bulk of the pleasing taste stemmed from all the fatty meat dominating the Charsiew patty. Hahaha. Abriel and D had the Lamb Burger which the patty, i felt, had a strong taste in it which was a little too overwhelming for my personal liking. But other than that, the patty was really juicy.

The last dish of the evening was the main star of the night and it was none other than the Nutella Tart! The cakish part of the tart was so soft that it literally melts in your mouth, and the crust of the tart goes well with the cake. The only downside to it was that i couldn’t really taste much of the Nutella… for whatever reasons. Let’s just say i’m much better off eating Nutella straight up from the tub and licking them off my fingers… ha ha ha.

And in case if you have yet to visit EwF, please do so. The prices are really affordable and the prices that you see on the menu are really all that you have to pay for. All the GST and service charges have already absorbed into the price, so you do not have to worry about extra charges when the bill arrives. And with the existence of the Circle line, i find no reason how getting to HV is inaccessible even if you’re living on the opposite end of Singapore.

Have a wonderful day people! xx.

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