Lap cheong!

The Air-Fryer: One of the best kitchen appliances to own!

Meat and more Meat.

IMO, The Most delicious Yusheng in Singapore

As promised, photos from my 2nd day of CNY! I’m sorry i don’t really have much to offer from my 2nd day of CNY because i was at home that entire afternoon, (lack of houses to visit) and it was pretty much just a small scale celebration with Ryan’s family and my godsiblings at night.

Anw, the CNY break (at least i choose to believe so) has turned me into a procrastinator. I started my FR tutorials last weekend and as of now, at 4.50pm, i still have 7 out of 10 tutorial questions… #screwed. I just find it so tough to even sit myself down and not be distracted by anything. It has come to a point where even fixing an old set of refrigerator seems so much more easier to deal with. All i’m hoping for is just to pull through this sem and clear all my mods before my final year, next year. Although it has been almost 9 months, i am still in complete disbelief that i managed to clear all my mods last year even though i only started mugging hard 3 months before the exact thing. Looks like i still do have some decent braincells… hahaha.

On a different note, things on my side has been, bumpy? Well, not that i’m the one going through the whole “Life sucks i need booze” motion, but it’s just that some of the significant people around me are going through a rough patch right now and i am trying my utmost best to help alleviate their burden… when i can’t even help myself complete my own designated assignments. I will make this entire point brief and vague because there are just some personal confidential issues that i have no right to disclose and have no authority to comment on.

So with all these problems surfacing around me, i can’t help but question if what we feel obliged to advocate, which is the “True and Right” behaviour from Society’s point-of-view, is not similar to our own personal stance when answered with our own individual hearts and mentality where our propositions are more directed to the other perspective, do we still continue with the perceived “Right” method, or to follow the answer from within our hearts? I’m perturbed. But i’m sure God will reveal his plans.

Howells, i guess there are some things where we have to Let Go, and Let God, and i am pretty such this is one of the many instances. Anw, since it is still the CNY period, i am sure some of you are still engaged in all your visitings, feastings, and Lo-Heing, and etc. So i thought i would just share with you my personal best favorite Yu-Sheng in Singapore which comes from Peng’s Catering Services and Restaurant. This restaurant belongs to my godsibling’s grandmother (and if you’re thinking, No i’m not paid to do this nor am i compelled to do it) which serves really genuine Teochew fares at satisfactory prices . The prices of their Yu-Sheng platters are Pocket-friendly, and they are just simply one of the more Authentic Yu-Sheng around (Mind you, everything’s made Manually. Including the crackers… which happens to be my fav!) and they just taste soooooo good! So if you’re looking for somewhere to get a deserving plate of Yu-Sheng, please do try them out. Here is the address:

Peng Catering Services Restaurant
30 Lorong 1 Realty Park
S’pore 536953
Tel: 6289 6975 / 6282 1048
Closed on Thursday

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