CNY Reunion + Day 1

Getting ready for Reunion Dinner!

Roast Pork~

Mix Meat Platter

Much loveeeee!

What's CNY without MJ. And what's MJ without pink Hello Kitty tiles? haahha!

Look @ Handsome Issac's Eyelashes!


Cannot take it... TOO CUTE!!!

CNY Day 1 @ Uncle's place

With Vanessa!



Playing "In Between" With Van being caught peeping into her brother's cards!

Mini Dino

Awww 🙂


So CNY came and went like the wind, and it’s about time i start channeling all my strength and energy to my studies and prepare for the approaching examination. This CNY break was definitely a beautiful gift from God. On one hand, i was able to take a long deserving break from school, and on the other hand, i managed to meet all my relatives whom i haven’t seen since CNY 2011.

Although it has only been a year since the previous CNY, i can’t help but believe that so much has happened since… SIGH. It’s pretty upsetting to see all my granduncles and grandaunties aging (some of whom have even fallen ill) because i just can’t help but feel that time is slipping outta my hands and we’re all running out of time. HOWELLZ. Death is part and parcel of life isn’t it.

Alright! So those were pretty much the photos from my Reunion Dinner and Day 1 of my CNY celebration! Will update bout the rest of the days soon!

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