Reunion Dinner 2012







So I spent the evening of the eve of the Lunar New Year having a very heartening reunion dinner with the extended family at my place <: And just like every other year, we had a lot of leftover food from the steamboat dinner (which I am pretty confident will be served to me for most of my meals for the next few days. Hahah.) But I recently heard that it’s supposedly lucky to have food in excess, from the dinner, because it’s a sign of abundance for the rest of the year or smth… Is it? Haha

Anw, despite the distinct shrink in the number of people present compared to previous years, I am pretty sure that the bond attaching each and every one of us is still firmly intact. And somehow, because of the close-knitted relationship that my family and my extended family share, reunion dinners are becoming more like another of our weekly gatherings rather than a yearly affair like what some people are facing. Probably the only exception is that we have much more delicious and expensive food on the reunion dinner table. Haha. Though I have to admit that my excitement for this celebratory season has gradually
decreased, and is still decreasing with each passing year.
I reckon it’s dominantly linked to the passing of my grandma :”(

Although nobody in my family has ever explicitly mention this, I know that deep down in our hearts, Grandma’s presence is dearly missed by every single one of us :”( I know how people say it’s just a matter of getting used to and etc, but sometimes, we have to understand that truly missing someone and their presence, after they have been an integral part of our life, is not something as easy as getting used to. It’s more about finding the cause of amnesia and hoping that someday we would be able to forget the impact that they have left in our lives and live as though we never knew them…

Alright! As much as I really want to stay up to 守岁 (shou3 sui4) for my parents, my eyes are progressively closing on me… Tmrw’s gonna be one hell of a super longgg day with an entire day of visitation here, there and everywhere. It’s also the time where we go through the motion of accounting to our elders on how we have fared the previous year, and what we are gonna be/do/study for the coming year… #boringconversations Haha.

恭喜发财 everyone! Have a very blessed Lunar New Year and… Let the feasting begin! Eat now, worry later.

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