Babyyy, please dont gooooooo~

Look at the disparity between the amount of baked beans we got. UNFAIR!

Our 2 air stewardess~~

HAHAHAH. Look @ Sherrie!

(!!!) Strawberry Tart flavored Kitkat from Sherrie!

My virgin L4D Experience

Team 1



Oh gosh... #lastwarning to my camera's Fisheye effect. HAHA.

Awww :"( Dont leave, plzzzz.

Will definitely miss you babe!

Shalini = scary... hahaahh.

Group photo w/o Sherrie who was rushing off

Met up with Chris, Maris, Shal and Sherrie on Friday to catchup on our life and sadly, that was the last meet-up we had before Chris flies off to Sweden for her Exchange Program tmrw :”(

It was really comforting meeting this girls again. The last time we met was probably last year? And it’s kind of weird in a way but, although we do not meet often, every other time that we do, we are able to chat and laugh like the good old CJ days. It’s as if every meetup is a subtle reminder of how i survived the tough academic JC days with the fun and light environment that they cultivate. This is especially so for Chris who is always telling all her life stories (I have no idea how she gets so many happenings in 1 week) with all her humorous descriptions and actions. Man… I miss this girl already. Nonetheless, i hope she has a safe and fruitful trip to Sweden!

OK, now comes the climax. DENG DENG DENG DENG… The day i met them was the First time ever that i came in contact with L4D, or anything to do with L4D! We headed to some gaming place in Paradiz center, which apparently has the best Computer Mouse and keyboard according to Chris. hahahaha. My verdict: It is a pretty cheap and fun way to pass your hour or two alternating between killing zombies and humans, but, it gets VERY VERY boring when You’re dead and the rest of the group are still alive. Ha Ha Ha.

Alright, i gotta scurry off to revise my work. The 2 days of Lectors’ Retreat over the weekend was spiritually beneficial albeit tiring. But, #GodIsGoodAllTheTime! Amen! I might blog about the retreat if i have the time to spare. Have a lovely week ahead everyone!

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