Apparently HK’s BEST Lao Po Bing + Pu’er cha from Beijing for 下午茶 ystd!

366 days with the Lord, 2012“: a compilation of 366 passages from the Bible and I’m supposed to read the passage for the specific day, every single day, till the end of 2012! I will complete this diligently!

Dinner at Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill @ NEX with my favorite @plastikkbarbie, @kittykatparade and @mypinkpony ystd! what would I do without them

BR-ed with the girlz after dinner and I tried BR’s cotton candy for the first time! My take… Tastes exactly like Real cotton candy! I kid not. No wonder it’s a HOT Flavour!


My fav instant macaroni in the whole entire world!! I swear it’s rly delicious and im guessing it’s due to the unhealthy MSG, but \/\/hatevz. I’mghlad I managed to find it in Hk! Acted like a professional Masterchef and cooked myself a bowl of this tgt with lotsa vege and mix YTF and it tasted soooo good ✌!

Ok, so this was pretty much my photos from the past week. Gotta go revise my work right now! Bye/

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