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I’m actually harbouring bittersweet feelings about being back here in my Homeland, Singapore, after spending 8days overseas. I’m missing my time spent in Beijing and HK, but at the same time, I’m also enjoying my favorite delicacies back here in my Sunny island.

For me, the 8 day trip was what I needed to end the hectic year after approximately 365 days of happiness, tears, fears, sadness, and anger. I definitely enjoyed myself thoroughly troughout that 8 days basking in the company of my favorite people, standing on historical sites that possess giant waves of extremely interesting and rich historical facts and stories (my fav!!), and last but not least, indulging in my favorite HK snacks.

I didn’t really enjoy the food served in Beijing because most of them were pretty oily and salty for my own liking. But for Hongkong… HOMYGOSH. Every corner of HK was filled with my favorite food and binge eating was what I did best over there.

If I’m not wrong, I had an average of 6 meals/day in HK. Everything was just irresistibly tasty! From the famous Smelly tofu, to the eggette waffle, to the Congee with Youtiao, to the Polo Bao, to the Curry Yu Dan, to Wanton Noodle to etc etc. 3 days was definitely not enough for me to consume all the food into my tummy. Will definitely pay HK another visit again next year! *crosses finger*

And did I mention how massive the sales were in HK?! All of us went crazy. Prices of clothes were relatively cheaper! Some of them were in fact cheaper than Bkk prices. Not kidding. I got a denim vest for HKD20, ~~ S$3?! W.O.W.

Alright, i will try to upload the photos from my camera another day. Goodnight folks!

  1. Anonymous said:

    aye srsly the sales that good ah?!!! next year im going HAHAHA

    • Cristalbelle said:

      YES!!!! i bought quite a few number of clothes for HKD20 (~S$3)?! But go during the end-of-summer sale! Relatively more choices available! End-of-winter = lots of longsleeves and cardis which we rarely utilize in mega ultra hot weathered Singapore!

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