Sugar Overload







Was treated to a dessert feast yesterday because mum bought home a box of Twelve Cupcakes (Red Velvet! Red Velvet!) and she boiled our hand-rolled traditional tangyuans in sweet pandan soup to celebrate Winter solstice. Yummmzzz. But i think i probably had an overdose of sugar…

Anw, Christmas is in 2 days (Say whatttttt????) and i am ashamed to admit that i’m not as prepared and excited for this Christmas, as much as previous years. Reasons being,
1)I’m gonna be out of this country,
2)I have to miss the Midnight mass at Nativity, where truth be told, the bulk of my Christmas “feelings” are sourced from that very one Midnight mass (Imagine the familiar crowd, everyone all dolled up wishing each other “Merry Christmas”, the sounds of the Church Bells (Never fails to make my hair stand!!!!) and the classic opening hymn, “Joy To The World”),
and 3)the yearly Christmas gathering/party (Roast Turkey, sushi, Honey baked ham, Chocolate fondue etc) has to be cancelled. OH MANZZZZZ.

BUT BUT BUT, Let us never forget that the true meaning of Christmas isn’t all about indulging in good food and soaking up in material gifts. Instead, it is the rebirth of our relationship with Christ, the joyous celebration of the birth of our Saviour, and the season of joy and giving.

Alright, i would be leaving Singapore in like approximately 21.5hrs! Snowy Beijing and chilly HK, HERE. I. COME. As for now… i have to go complete my stack of tutorials /:

See you in 2012, Singapore!

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