F-F-F-F-Four days


So i just spent my entire night fashion parade-ing around the house in my various winter boots and winter outfits JUST to select D’ Perfect outfits and combinations, ensuring that every top (i seriously do not know how interesting can 3 turtlenecks get) matches well with its corresponding bottom… Which is mainly black leggings, black leggings and even more Boring. Black. Leggings.

I’m just glad to announce (to my non-existent readers) that after sweating through that 4 thick layers strutting around my non well-ventilated living room, I have Finally ticked every single item off my luggage list! Now I’m all set and ready to travel… OH YEAHZZZZ!

F-O-U-R more days babyyyy. 4 fookery more dayzzzzz! Ok, technically 3 since it’s alrdy past 12.

Anw, as you can see, I’m pretty much hooked on Instagram after I started using it like, a week ago? Haha. So be prepared for lotsa instagram-ish photos in my future posts!

Okayyyy. Goodnight everyone!

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