Perfect Sunday Night

Richie baby!


The hybrid dog!


Air Fried Lap-Cheong… OMGZZZ, Luvvvv it.





Zebra Print nails that @Mypinkpony did for Evan!

Steamboat + Abalone + Oysters + Scallops + Vanhouten Chocolates + m&m’s + Wii + BBQ pork + butter cookies + deep conversations + HTHT + the people closest to my heart = a very wonderful night. So glad I will be spending my Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2011 with ALL of them :”)

I can’t believe that the next time I meet these people, it would be for (*wait for it*)… Our Beijing and HK trip! HELL YEAHZZZZZ! *pumps fist in the air*

Anw, on a totally different note, i brought Richie baby down for a walk this afternoon and… GUESS. WHAT. We met this really huge hybrid dog which was a mix of Chow chow and poodle and It was soooo soooo adorable! It somehow looked like an autistic child strutting around the neighborhood though. Hahah.

Alright, this has pretty much been a pretty senseless and random post. And I’m off to slumber land now. Have a gr8 last week before Christmas every1!

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