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Let them know it’s Christmas time again. 

Just caught the latest episode of Glee online and i reckon, this might just be one of the best episodes this season. Reasons being, 1) the episode was centered around Christmas and the joy of giving, especially to the underprivileged, and 2) the whole Christmas performance in B&W was just classic and can i say, so very apt for this merry season?

The best scene in this week’s episode has got to be the scene where New Directions surprised the people at the homeless shelter and started singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas”. The entire scene was just so moving and heartwarming :”) I have always loved such sights: caring for the poor, and especially for the lonely. It just brings you hope of a better world ; that we are not just residing in a cold destructive and unsympathetic world, but there are in fact rare spots of love, warmth and happiness out there that whisper signs of faith and encouragement to the less fortunates.

This episode has definitely inspired  me to give. Not to give in the materialistic money-can-buy gifts kind of sense, but instead, the priceless and non-monetary gifts of love, joy and companionship. And i’m pretty sure the song lyrics of the video that i posted has pretty much sum up the true meaning of Christmas, other than the second meaning which is the renewing of Christ in our life. (I will never forget this true meaning of Christmas that Fr Tay shared during the homily on one of the Christmas mass i attended a few years back)

9 days to Christmas eve, 10 days to Christmas. Are you gonna change the gifts you’re bearing?

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