Nails, hair, JB.

Starbucks’ Tofee Nut Latte to accompany me!

Sean getting his hair cut. And that’s my really awesome hairdresser in red! And no… the girl she’s attending to is NOT me.

Super delicious charsiew and wanton soup!

Herbal Roast Duck which was OHMY-I-NEED-TO-PROCLAIM-SUPER-NICE!

Classic Mani and pedi for… S$28! Ah, SHIOK.

My “working table”. hahaha. Was busy surfing the net instead of revising my work when the hairdresser was rebonding my hair. TSK.

My black and Gold french mani!


My super fat and ugly toes

Me after my rebonding, but before my bangs cut.

DENGDENGDENGDENG…. The difference!



Sean’s new hairdo!

Wanton mee soup!

Duck noodle!

Made a one-day trip to JB with Mummy, @mypinkpony, @jamdavidtojam, and Aunt’s family today! It was pretty much a self-pampering day for the ladies because we had our hair done (SURPRISE SURPRISE), our nails painted and indulged in really delicious food. As for the guys, it was a real test of patience. I’m guessing the time they waited for our hair and nails to be done was at least 4hours?! Just imagine them sitting on the couch, listening to their iPod, watching people go by and praying hard that time will fly by. Hahaha. Thank you boys ❤

For our nails, we each did a classic mani and pedi because… IT ONLY COST US A MERE RM60 EACH!! That’s like S$28?! And their service was really good! I enjoyed every moment of it. My first classic mani and pedi session (I think? Cuz @mypinkpony said i’ve ever done a classic mani @ Far East with her before but i clearly have no clue at all…)

Anw, I finally got bangs again after a million years. It was a pretty random decision cuz the hairdresser was alrdy done rebonding my hair and I was ready to leave when I (me being the indecisive me) said “I think I want to cut bangs” And so… I hope I look decent and will not regret this decision made, tmrw.

Yum Cha’s Dimsum High-Tea buffet with the Usuals tmrw. My fav! Cant wait. Whoohoo^^ Goodnight everyone!

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