Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle


It’s only 11am and my table is alrdy in such a huge mess… SIGH. I really detest the sight of messy-ness. I don’t understand how people can actually LIVE with it. Like they can glance/see/stare at their disorganized table a million times a day and not do anything about it as if everything’s gonna fall back into their original state with the snap of a finger.

Ok. I need to stop all this redundant rants. So anw, i braved the cold and went for a swim this morning (gotta compliment myself for waking up at 8.30 on a non-school day just to exercise) ✌ Feeling so awake right now~~ I hope this positive energy stays on for the rest of the entire day.

Alright, I gotta go get ready right now. Gonna accompany my cousin to collect his PSLE results in awhile. I hope and pray everything goes well! And woah, I can’t believe I went through this EIGHT years ago. HOmgosh. Time flies.

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