Public Garden Flea Market

I will be setting up a stall at the Public Garden Flea Market with @mypinkpony @jelenachia and Wynee tmrw! Do come down and give us your support. It will be greatly appreciated 🙂

We will be selling our preloved clothes which you can be assured are decent, are in good condition (Some i’ve never worn before), fashionable and… Wait for it… Will be sold at a veryyy good rate! (I promise!) The clothes include dresses, shorts, HW Shorts, Tops etc. Wynee will also be selling some of her handmade bracelets and necklaces which, in my opinion,are gorgeous.

I have no choice but to give all these clothes up for sale because 1) I don’t exactly own a huge cupboard to store all my clothes 2) I need to get rid of the older ones JUST to allow space for my new ones 3) There are some clothes that you can’t exactly re-wear too often because people will take notice of it and 4) Some of the clothes that i bought from BKK were either a tad too big or did not fit me perfectly. So yea!

Event information
Date: Sat 5 November 2011
Time: 1-7pm
Venue: F1 Pit Building, #02-02 1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975

So if you were looking for something interesting to do this weekend, Look NO FURTHER! Come visit us @ our booth tmrw! Hope to see you there!

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