Be Contented

Taking some time off from my FR tutorials… Which are driving me nuts.

In my opinion, Humans generally find flaws in their life because they tend to overlook the basic principle of living, that is: Be Contented.

Received a really devastating news the moment I returned from the gym, this morning. Holding my phone, I saw an iMessage from My BFF (which is no surprise since we text each other almost everyday), opened the message, and… My Heart. Sank. The news and my eyes no more than 30cm apart. “The boys from Westlife are gonna split-up!!!!” The words instantly capitalized and the exclamation marks immediately self-bolded. I broke, my heart broke; I was utterly upset.

I felt the memories of my childhood and teenhood crashing down splitting into fragmented pieces that seem so unfamiliar and dislocated. Westlife was a major part of my growing up days. And now that they’re venturing into their own individual separate lives, my life, my memories, they will never be one; will never be whole.

:”(( As much as I’m unhappy about the entire thing, I sincerely hope the boys (forever teens in my eyes and mind) will find success in whatever they choose to do. After all, they’re all grown up with kids, wives, families etc, and I need to accept that well, Things change. Things always change.

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