I had lunch at Tampopo on Tuesday with my beloved sister, Dave, Sean, and Aloysius to celebrate the end of Sean and Aloysius’ PSLE. We decided to try Tampopo because 1)my sis tried once and couldn’t stop raving about it, and 2)Everyone has been giving positive comments about Tampopo’s ramen. Fortunately, the food didn’t disappoint <: It was above my expectations! I had the Ramen with Tonkatsu which was sooooo delicious. Every bite into the Fried Pork Katsu was heaven. I’m not a fan of fried food, but the pork katsu was just tooo good to resist. As for the pork-based soup for my cousin’s Black Pig Ramen, it was just… UNBEATABLE! All of us took our first sip and just went WOWWWW! Not kidding.

Pretty Twin

End of PSLE = spam games on Handphone

Look at the layer of fat on the soup... That's THE secret to the super tasty soup!

Dave's curry + Tonkatsu




Bean Curd Tart

Pleas please please do not look down on these Bean Curd Tarts. I know they may seem like ur typical bakery egg tart, but this is wayyyyyy better! Imagine the eggy part of the tart being replaced with tau huay, accompanied with one of the best tarts i’ve ever tasted! @mypinkpony and i bought home for my family, and everyone (everyone being dad + mum) said it was good (Y)

Ps, i hopped onto the iPhone Bandwagon last night and i need help on what camera apps to download! There are a million and one camera apps on AppStore and i have no idea which to choose from!

Pps, wish i was still at Westlife’s concert. I miss the boys and their songs :”(

Alright, off to study! I know it’s only the 2nd/3rd week of school, but i’m already falling behind. *stressed* Good day, everyeon!

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