Issac’s 1st

Celebrated Issac’s First Birthday at New Ubin Seafood Restaurant @ Sin Ming Avenue on Saturday. As usual, the birthday boy and his little sister, Audrey, were the stars of the night. Those 2 kids are beyondddd adorable and i’m so glad to have them as my niece and nephew. Dinner was an 8 course set meal and the food was REALLY good! Sadly i do not have photos of every dish because everyone was just busy digging in and my camera screen was hogged by little Audrey, haha.

Anw, if you’re thinking of kampong style seafood zichar, do give this place a try. I’m not so sure about the price and stuff, but i’m very sure the food will not disappoint. Their specialty Hokkien Mee and Hei Chor are a definite Must-Try!

Dessert for the evening was cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes, curteosy of Jamie Teo who was there with her daughter because she’s a friend of my cousin. I tried the Red Velvet + Chocolate Vanilla cupcakes and all i can say is that i wish they had an outlet near my place! The texture of the cupcake was fluffy, the taste was not to sweet and everything was just to my liking. Even my dad who isn’t a fan of cupcakes gave the Thumbs up (Y)

The star of the night

Aww, so happy!

The princess folding her arms, hahaha.

Menu for the night

How innovative to use egg trays to decorate the ceiling.

Snapping a Paparazzi shot of Jamie Teo and her daughter, hahaha.

Birthday Boy and his young grandma

Why so smileyyyy <: Wanna kiss him! hahaha.

Audrey, equally happy.

Obviously a fan of the color pink

This ribeye steak was supposed to be Medium Rare...

Last but not least, Cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes!

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