I’m finally done with my eCR selections. (HELL YEAH!) That thing was one hell of a bitch ok. I had to reload my page 8 times and re-do my selections like, 10 times (??!!! Do you know how pissed i was..) because the slots were all full and i’m not exactly one of the fastest person on earth… (So ironic when compared to the gif i posted aye) Anw, Praise the Lord!! All thanks to Him, i got most of the mods i wanted, and i now share the same timetable as @mypinkpony and @L4David (Y)

Goodluck to those who have yet to complete their eCR… you need a hell lot of luck and pixie dust, hahaha. Alright, off for a swim before i rot my afternoon away before i head out to work! Goodday everyone.

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