My Family ♥

Most Beautiful and Wonderful mum ever


Always my best soul mate no matter how bad life gets and no matter how intense our quarrels are. And yeap, a very messy me after a swim in the pool, hahahaah.

This may come off as VERY random but, I miss my family. And if you were wondering, No, I have and am not physically away from them. I’m in Singapore, They too are in Singapore. I just… miss them. I know it sounds weird and unfitting since i see them everyday but, i still feel this way.

I have been working all the night shifts, everyday, ever since i came back from Phuket. So the only times i get to see and talk to my parents are the short span of probably an hour after i get back home from work and the time they fall asleep. I miss having dinner with my family everyday. I miss being in their company, with them by my side. That’s the only time when i truly feel genuinely Blessed. Nothing comes across to me as important as my Family. It has come to a point where Life is not Life without my family. I’ve grown to be so dependent on them to make my life complete. Without them, i’m just a human entity that is breaking all over within. I can’t imagine life without either of them. Each and everyone of them makes me Whole.

I can never fathom how some people can spend more time with their friends than with their family, and how they’re able to spend their nights clubbing and staying out late drinking and getting themselves wasted… If you’re one of them, please do not take offence. As for me, I personally do not need that many friends. I just need a few close and genuine ones who will catch me when i fall. I don’t really see the need for a million and one friends, or acquaintances to be exact, and have trouble distinguishing between the Reals and the Fakes.

All i want is to come home to a family where everyone’s safe and sound. My family is definitely my Greatest blessings from God. I love them like no other ♥

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