Another boots from Topshop

Classic Dr Marts

Ugg Boots

We’re almost done with Aug, Sept is gonna be here soon, December will arrive in approx 3 months and i have yet to purchase my boots for my End year trip to Beijing and HK. I’m currently having a very tough time deciding between the 4 boots above.

I love the 2 Topshop boots (They’re actually my fav 2) but i’m not sure if they will be able to keep me warm in the freezing cold… As for Dr Marts, it’s classic and it matches with all the outfits that i will be bringing for my trip. However, i tried it on the other day and they were a tad too chunky for my little feet. As for Ugg Boots, they will definitely be able to keep me warm because they were designed to do so. But the thing is, i have yet to find a design that i fancy…

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions. Sigh. When will i ever be decisive? Alright, i shall head down for a swim right now^^

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