St Anne’s Church @ Klang

Headed to Klang over the weekend to visit St Anne’s Church @ Klang and it was such a beautiful experience. Despite the fact that it was only a mere 2 days trip, the experience was a rare and amazing one. This was an uncommon trip for me because 99% of the tour group were people who are at least 2x my age, with me being the youngest. I left Singapore expecting nothing but returned feeling enriched and recharged about my faith, and our God.

We did nothing much on the first day except the typical one-day tour stuff which consisted of shopping and being introduced to the respective landmarks in the city. We visited this Jusco Shopping mall which houses 500 over shops (Think 2 Vivo City merged into one) therefore enabling it to be2 crowned as the largest shopping center in SEA and the 3rd largest mall in the entire world :O

Breakfast at a local hawker center.

Awesome crispy Ming Chiang Kueh


Wholesome soup

8 course lunch

Visited the largest shopping mall in SEA which was… boring *yawns*

Buffet Steamboat + Grill + Traditional BBQ dinner


Cooking LIVE prawns!

Steamed Kaya Buns

Our main objective was scheduled on the 2nd day, which was to visit the Church of St Anne’s. It so happened that the day of our visit was also the Feast of St Anne’s, therefore there were mini stalls being set-up outside the church selling food and religious items. We attended mass at the church which was so co-incidentally being celebrated by Fr Simon Pereira. Lovelovelove his homily!

After mass we made our way to Melaka where we had Nonya food for lunch (loveee all the spicy food!) before stopping at various local products shop to make some last minute purchases before making our way back to Singapore (Thank God there wasn’t a jam that night!)

St Anne’s Church @ Klang

A Funfair to celebrate the joyous Feast Day of St Anne

Wanted to steal the entire bunch, hahah!

Beautiful 🙂

Collecting Holy Water

Checking out the stalls

Nonya food for lunch @ Melaka

Spicy food (Y)


Buying some local products

All i can say is that i am so Thankful to my mum for urging me to go on this trip! No regrets 🙂 Alright, i shall go freshen up and get ready for work right now! Ttys, tata!

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