Pad Thai

Headed to Nakhon for dinner last Wednesday and I finally tried their signature Pad Thai Noodle (WHICH WAS MEGA DELICIOUS!!!!!). I can’t explain in words how awesome it is. You have to go try it for yourself and i promise it will not disappoint! Even David commented that my Pad Thai was the best dish that evening! So 5 Stars for it (Y) Goodluck with the queuing though… But it will be worth the wait!


Equally delicious Tom Yam Stick Noodles

Basil Beef Rice with Egg

Pineapple Fried Rice

Anw, my weekend was wonderful! Headed to Port Klang to visit the Church of St Anne’s and it was such a wonderful and enriching experience. The way God “speaks” is sooo amazing. I’m just convinced that there is no such thing as coincidence; it’s all about the work of God. It was God’s will that Father Simon Pereira was there to celebrate mass and the true story he shared during his homily was just so beautiful! #AMEN!

Ok, i need to set the record straight. I WAS in Singapore for BFF’s 20th birthday unlike what i said in my earlier post. hahaha. It was all part of her birthday surprise which was very successful (Y) Thumbs up for this brilliant planner (me) over here. hahaha. Thank you to all those who were involved, you were all a great help! Had so much fun celebrating Jo’s bday with @mypinkpony @plastikkbarbie @dollyunicorn and @L4David at Timbre last night!

Happy 20th Birthday once again, bbgirl! Hope you had an awesome one!!<3 Always lovin’ youuu

Alright, will blog about my Klang trip and BFF’s 20th celebration another day. Am scheduled to work for the rest of the week till Fri, so all i need now is sleep. Goodnight folks!

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