Previous week

The reason for my lack of updates recently is because i’ve been so busy with lotsa stuff. I got a job, started work, met up with the people i missed, did a little catching up here and there…. So you can pretty much say my previous week was awesome. So on Sunday night/ Monday morning, We (Me, my sis, jel and Trudy) surprised Wynee @ Wild Oats to celebrate her big 2-0! (Omg, can’t believe we’re all slowly but surely passing the 1x mark…)

The birthday girl + Her pink My Melody cake + Pink candles

Reminds me of “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”… hahahah. Anw, pardon those baby hair at the top right corner of my face. I know, it makes me look, weird.

The cake was surprisingly good (w/o the cream though)

Chicken wings that were really well fried! The combi of the dip + the chx was (Y)


Thursday marked my first day at work. Reached the shop 10mins before the shutters opened = *overly enthu and excited*. Work went surprisingly well, got a hang of everything in <10mins and the swirlers that i’ve met so far are all pretty nice people! After work, i headed to Sakura @ CP for Dorothea’s farewell dinner with a few of the Lectors people. The bill came up to about $99 which was rathe ex considering the fact that we only ordered about 8 dishes, all of which were small portions. But, at least the quality of the food made up for it. Love the fried wanton (!!!), Tom yum soup, and cereal prawns… Yummyy.

My fav part of Thursday has gotta be us (Me, My sis, Jel and Wynee) sitting by my condo’s poolside just talking about everything and anything that’s going on in our life right now. Managed to catch up on a bit and i can’t Thank God enough for these 3 lovely girls!!

The few of us that went

Friday was equally awesome because i finally met up with my bbgirl after being separated for 1 week, hahahah! Headed to Lido to catch ‘4’, which was NOWHERE near frightening. (Ironically, the best part about the supposedly horror film was the humor involved. hahahah.) Anw, i really do not like the new setup of Lido! All the food stalls are gone!! Thank God BFF and i were smart enough to smuggle in food from Far East, hehe.

On Saturday, @mypinkpony and i decided to be really random and made the decision to put our cooking/baking skills to the test and we successfully came up with this:

– A fusion of melted Marshmallows and Fruity Pebbles!!, using only…

THESE! hahaha.

Swear i would have eaten ALL of it if fruity pebbles and marshmallows were sugarfree. Alright, shall head to bed now and get some sleep! Gonna spend some quality + bonding time with my one and only sister tmrw as we head out for some retail therapy! Goodnight Folks 🙂

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