Play Nation

So much stuff happened over the weekend and i’m glad everything’s over and it’s a whole new week again. Let me see. I finally got hired! (Y), helped my uncle get ready for his new house (feeling so bittersweet about it) and hung out with the usuals, as usual.

Met up for Udders on Friday night for supper (round 1), followed by Curry rice at Kovan for Supper round2.

Udders’ Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla… MUST TRY!!!

2nd best waffles after Salted Caramel

Curry rice at 12.30am

As for yesterday, we celebrated Youth day with the usuals at Play Nation @ Scape. Went there because of their Happy hour promotion which was veryyyy worth it!! It costs $8.50++ per person for 4 hours (2om-6pm)! The package even includes Free Flow Drinks. What i love about that place is they allow you to bring in outside food and drinks!! Needless to say we bought Macs, LJS, Best Fries Forever (!!!) and BBT to snack on while wii-ing and kinect-ing.

Managed to book their largest private room for ourselves which includes 2 sets of game station (1 Wii + 1 Kinect).

The private room!

1 Set of Wii + 1 Set of Xbox/Kinect


Just 3 tracks from “Just Dance” and we were alrdy starting to perspire…

The boys and their wrestling game -.- I’ve always thought this game was stupid. All u do is fight with 6 buttons on the remote. HOW interesting

My fav and most embarrassing part… The replay video of the previous game.

Hahahahaha!!! Look @ his cheeks!!

Played Balderdash and i must admit that i’m pretty good at cooking lies, he he he.

We settled for dinner at Astons despite the usual long queue. I swear there were at least 20 tables of people waiting in front of us. But… thank God XK works at that particular outlet so we were able to get a seat in 5 minutes!! If it were not for that, i swear i would have immediately suggested to have dinner somewhere else.

Awww. And i know this is so shameless of me but i gotta admit that the photos taken from my camera are really clear! s95 FTW!

My chargrill chicken

Annabelle’s Black Pepper Chicken

ALWAYS the most affordable and worth-it meal around.

Alright, shall head out for a swim right now since the sun looks good! Meeting @markiechia, @mypinkpony and @L4David for dinner at a new restaurant and bar somewhere in Hg tonight! And i’m FINALLY meeting my bbgirl for dim sum tmrw! Can’t wait!

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