These are just some overdue KL pics from my sister’s iTouch which i’ve yet to publish.

Today, i’m absolutely #lovintheweather! Woke up to a cool cosy rainy weather this morning which left me hiding under my blanket for a good 15mins before i finally decided to get out of bed. Felt sorry for the poor students who had to drag themselves out of bed early in the morning, with the perfect weather, just to be on time for school. I’ve been there, done that and i definitely feel your pain. I’ve always loved waking up to the perfect weather when i have nothing plan for the rest of the day. It makes my day go… slow, contrary to the fast-paced life that most of us lead. Right now as i’m sitting on my swing chair feeling the cool breeze entering through my window, i actually feel so calm, serene and recharged (yes, recharged. Don’t ask me why). Beautiful.

Anw, i’m currently looking for a PT job and i have even called up several places. Now I just hope i will be able to get the job, start working soon, get paid (woooo $$$$) and put an end to my couch potato lifestyle. I swear it’s getting out of hand. I mean not that it’s harming me in anyway, but it’s definitely not benefitting me at the same time. I just spend my time rotting, watching TV and wasting electricity… Epitome of useless creature on earth.

I’ve got to go pack my cupboard in a while because it’s in a pretty bad shape. Everything’s so messy and it’s an eye sore to even open it. This shall be my first step in stepping out of my Couch Potato Lifestyle (Y)

hahahahaahahhahahahaah!! Saw this pic on Tumblr and i couldn’t stop laughing. Have a Fabulous weekend everyone! The weekend is just around the corner

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