Recently i’ve been soooo in love with Lauren Conrad’s style and dressing. I’ve seen her in photos, on Tumblr, on TV shows and interviews before, but i’ve never thought much of her till recently. She is definitely one of the most beautiful woman everr. Her fashion sense is just undeniably appealing and the way she carries herself is just, Gorgeous. What i love about her is that the way she expresses her feelings, in words, are the exact feelings that most girls always feel, but were never able to express it as well as she does.

Love how she pulls off every different kind of look so well


How does someone look equally good in all sorts of different hairstyles?!

I really wanna get my hands on her “Style” book which i reckon is gonna be a really worthy and interesting read.

Her signature ballerina bun

Found an interesting Video of her addressing “Fashion F*** Ups”, which i thought was really interesting. It’s regarding “Conrad selflessly recording a public service announcement to battle against Fashion F*** Ups, an issue which affects thousands around the world every hour, and not only hurts the person whom is f***ing up but those around them as well” So here’s the video:

And one last phrase from her,

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