Coffee or Tea

Magimix Pixie Lime Green Nespresso

Mum bought home a Nespresso Machine yesterday and i am already loving it!! I’m honestly not the kind that will die without coffee, but the sight of the machine makes you want to make cups of coffee again, again, and again. It’s chic, it’s petite and it definitely brews great coffee. The capsules are like small little “bullets” which come in all sort of bright colorful colors. What i love about it is that it’s so simple to use and handle. 1 capsule gives you 1 cup of coffee, and each color represents a different flavour.

The only bad thing is… the machine is not available in pink. I swear it will be D’ perfect machine if it was in pink, haha.

Now i can easily enjoy ” The Lovely Bones” over a cup of Nespresso coffee, on the swing chair, by my window, every single day (Y)


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