Saturday Night

Attended my mum’s cousin’s son’s (Darren) wedding dinner with my family at Sheraton Hotel on Saturday night. The layout of the hotel was both grand and elegant which made it seem impressive, and the food was just undeniably pleasing. The dinner was probably the first time that i met that distant cousin of mine. I can’t believe prior to the dinner i had no idea who or how the groom looks like… hahaha, #joke .

Did my hair into a bun to match my toga dress that night. And if you do know me well, you will know that my hair is fine and thin (which i really hate cuz it can get really flat). This makes bunning my hair a huge problem and something i will always try to avoid because i always end up with some small minute bun which is almost inexistent. Therefore, i decided to try the Bun Volumizer thing that i bought from Melaka and it surprising works!! The bun was at least 3x fuller than my usual one and everything fell neatly and beautifully. I love how my bun looks like a flower that has just wonderfully bloomed, hahaha.

Love how it looks like a flower!!

Borrowed mum’s Miumiu evening sling bag which i really really love (Y)


This panfried cod was my fav of the night!! Seafood FTW

Can’t get enough of the deep-fried scallop coated with Taro

Shared a table with Ryan’s family + my Mum’s nephew and his family. My mum’s nephew’s son has got to be one of the most pleasant looking boy around. His name is Matthew, he’s only 5 and he is already watching British drama on TV and is imitating the way they speak and move. Pretty much like his dad who used to act for Kids Central!! I actually do remember watching him act as some Captain Brinjal in some Kids Central show, on TV, when i was younger.

Look @ him! He has the ABC look!!

Father and son! Do you remember seeing him on TV!! He’s currently doing projects for Mediacorp so you might see him around.

hahahha, FYI, he was having a chocolate croissant. Everyone thought he was having a roast duck drumstick or smth.

Right after the dinner ended, my family and Ryan’s family left for Ice Edge to meet up with Aloy and his family. As Saturday was Aloy’s actual birthday, his father decided to treat us to something so we settled for desserts and finger food. Ordered the usual Buffalo Wings (Omg, mega hot) and my fav Rocher Ice-Cream on a cone!! We ordered so much stuff that Enrica was eligible to apply for their membership card! Here’s to more Ice Edge visits!! So we just sat there, had our desserts and chatted till around 12am where we had to leave because it was the cafe’s closing time.

My fav Rocher Gelato on a cone from Ice Edge… MUST TRY!!!

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