Happy Birthday A!

So we celebrated a birthday for Aloysious on Friday at Wild Wild Wet. We ended up at WWW because the birthday boy wanted it and we didn’t manage to book a private room at Play Nation. For a first timer at Wild Wild Wet, i would say that the place was… rather boring. Other than 3 attractions (Tsunami pool, the family ride and some other thrilling ride), the place was just alright. Let’s just say i wouldn’t visit the place again some time soon. Well, at least the price of the tickets made up for it. The usual price for an adult ticket was $16. But we paid it at a discounted price as there was some HSBC promotion where each ticket gets 20% off.

Although WWW was boring, it was still fun with the usuals; company > place. Met for breakfast at Macs in the morning and i didn’t know you were able to buy a Macs scrambled egg on the side!!!!So me being a HUGE fan of Macs scrambled egg, i bought an additional Scrambled egg on top of my Egg McMuffin… Omgosh, egg overload.

Bumped into my newphew (Benett) and his mum at Macs! Benett’s seriously one of the cutest toddlers ever!!! His mum handed him to us while she queued up for her Macs and all Benett did was smile and play with us. I’ve never met a toddler as sociable as him! Other kids would end up crying or being a bitch… But he was nowhere there.

The Birthday Boy!

My Additional Macs Scrambled Egg!


“People pay $100 to get a permanent tattoo. You pay $10 to get a tattoo permanently”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Omgosh. I’ve to tell you the story behind this “tattoo” imprinted on Aloy’s arm. This was the temp tattoo that we did in Bali SIX months ago (The one where i did a Swallow on my chest). So anw, 2 weeks after the tattoo was done, the tattoo caused some infection on his arm (i think he’s allergic to it) and the whole area around the tattoo started to itch and became red. And six months later, which is today, the mark of the tattoo is still there… and will probably be there forever… HAHAHAHA!!! It’s such a pity he did a Nike sign when he could have gotten a nicer permanent tattoo.

Sooooo Skinny.


After spending then entire afternoon at WWW and everyone getting burnt from the scorching sun, we decided to refresh ourself by having some Yoguru!!! (Most fav yogurt everrr). I didn’t know Yoguru has some new yogurt on waffle cone!! I’m so gonna try it sooon!

Waffle Cone (Y)

Since we were celebrating Aloy’s birthday that day, we all decided that Aloy gets a say in everything. In the end, he suggested having Buddy Hoagies for dinner so we settled there. After trying it for the first time, i have to say that it’s officially my New found Favourite eatery! Buddy Hoagies’ something like Astons which sells western food and most of the mains come with 2 side dishes. The only difference is they have Rosti (!!!) and there’s a 10% charge. (wait, is there 10% charge at Astons too?) Anw, for good food at afforable price, i would recommend this place. I exceptionally love the fact that they have an open air area, along the main road, where you can just find a few friends, chat over dessert and spend your evening/night there.

Look @ the price!! So affordable! Plus each main dish comes with 2 sides!

Pretty and Handsome

Golden Chicken

It tastes as good as it looks

My Grilled Chicken… Veryyyyy good!

Dave’s Rosti

After dinner we headed to my place to surprise Aloy with a cake and to celebrate with my parents + my aunt and uncle. My parents bought some Cocoa Castle cake from Prima Deli which was surprisingly good except for the cream parts which i don’t exactly fancy.

hahahaah! Sooo sporting! We asked him to do it and he did it immediately.


After the cake cutting ceremony, all of us went to Jalan Kayu for prata where a few of us shared a paper Thosai (Mega HUGE!) in substitute for the Paper Prata which was unavailable. Came home, crashed and slept till 12 the next morning.

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