As promised, a post on my KL trip.

This trip was sort of a last minute thing since we only planned it 6 days before the trip (IKR!) It was so tough calling up travel agencies asking for vacancy seats and etc etc since it’s the Peak period and we only had 5 days to settle everything. In a way we were considered lucky to have been able to charter a van and a driver to drive us to and around M’sia at our disposal. Initially we wanted to take a coach up to KL cuz my dad likes it (like seriously), haha. But there were no vacancies at all so it was somehow like a blessing in disguise. We managed to hire the van + driver at our disposal for only $850 for 10 people! But if we had taken the coach, it would have been $150+/pax.

Anw, celebrated Aloysious’ birthday with the usuals today and i can officially say i’ve visited Wild Wild Wet! After being a Singaporean for 19 (coming 20) years and WWW being opened for i-dont-know-how-many-donkey-years, i finally made the effort to buy a ticket and visit the place. Will update about the celebration another time. Right now, i’m just gonna leave you with some of the photos taken in KL.

Ps, can’t wait to attend some Wedding dinner tmrw (!!!) I’ve no idea who the bride and groom are, but i’m just gonna go all the same because it’s been ages since i’ve been to a wedding dinner and found the right time to wear all my pretty dresses

After reaching JB, we stopped by some random coffeeshop near the checkpoint to have our breakfast before embarking on the 3 hour long journey to KL. Most of us had the wanton mee which was really good. We also bought a few charsiew paus to try cuz apparently the stall that sells it is one of the best-selling pau stall in Malaysia. Had a taste of it and i definitely know why is it one of the best. (y)

Stayed in The Ascott Apartment in KL and i would highly recommend this place. Not only is the place convenient (since it is located just behind KLCC), their apartments are veryyy clean (++++ point), and their service is also top-rated.

We stayed in the 2 room apartment suite and my fav part of the apartment is the toilet… Clean llike nothing!! hahaha. The balcony outside the toilet is. the. coolest. There are pool beds available for you to suntann anytime you want!


Queuing up for Aunty Anne’s!!

Saw the car which belongs to the Sultan of Johor… BIG SHOT.

OK. So after having lunch at KL and us travelling for 4 hours, my uncle decided to make the “best” decision ever. So here is it…. My uncle suggested we head back to Melaka (which is about 2.5hrs drive back) from KL! Seriously, we travelled the whole day, non-stop. Anw, although the travelling part sucks, the trip made up for it! Heading back to Melaka was definitely the right decision. Our main aim was to visit the Jonker Walk, which is somewhat like a Pasar Malam, but in a very 60s style!!! I’m not even kidding; it’s a living 1960s. If you ever want to live or relive Singapore in the 60s, on earth, please visit the Jonker Walk. One thing to note, it’s only available on Fri-Sun nights.

Looking for a nice restaurant which serves Nonya Food (!!!)

Settled for this which was good!

Emptied almost everything

What’s Melaka without Chendol


Buying their specialties. From Pineapple Tarts to Beh Teh Soh (!!!) to Butter cookies, to Taiyang bing, to Tau Sa Pia etc etc

Freshly baked Beh Teh Soh which smell and taste good! Bought back an entire box of it and there are only 2 pieces left at home!!

A concept you will never find in Singapore. Dimsum sold this way. Just use a satay stick to pick the ones you want and you can enjoy it on the spot!



hahahah. Mini Apple Hub

Headed out for some famous Bak Ku Teh for lunch on the second day. The shop is located just beside some Dynasty Hotel and boy, i’m not a fan of BKT, but the soup was just tooo tasty and the meat… it was just so tender that i had quite a good portion of it.


HAHAHAHAH! Model shot #Fail

Pretty Barbie Shirt that My sis and i bought!!!

OMG RIGHT?! Can we please have this in Singapore, in this price?!

Curly Friezzzzzz


Absolutely luv how there is a Starbucks outlet in almost every corner of KL!

After an entire day of shopping, we went to Chinatown for dinner and to just walk around. Chinatown’s seriously the place to get all your fake LV, Prada, Gucci and branded goods…

Traditional Min Chang Kueh

Breakfast by the pool

Nutella Cupcake!!

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