Battle of the Bikes

Had 12 hours of sleep last night and i’m feeling soooo refreshed and awake right now. Went to the gym for a run this afternoon and i’m having my cereal + milk for lunch right now! Haven’t had such nutritious food in a long while. All i’ve been having recently are the too nutritious food.

The Usuals

Anw, i went cycling with the usuals at East Coast Park yesterday and it was soooo Awesomez! Managed to take advantage of the Ride-1-hour-free-1-hour-special and i surprised myself by cycling for about 1hr45mins! But due to the scorching sun yesterday, by the end of the 2hours, i was drenched in perspiration… sick.

Otw for some Hoe Nam Prawn Noodle…. Yummmz

The only way to fight off the uber hot weather yesterday



Aloy saw this and went: “Omg! That guy looks like he’s falling off”… HAHAHAHAHAH!!! He thought it was a real human plz?! (like why would a real person even be riding a bike on a freaking roof)

Stopped for some ice-cream + waffle (y)

Chilling at Macs before dinner to cool ourselves down after 2 hours of cycling

hahahah! Aloy through a fisheye

BBQ Steamboat buffet for dinner

Ryan labelled us the “Viking Crew” cuz we were the only 4 who sat on the Pirate Ship.
Ps, spot the odd one out (in terms of age). Yeap.

hahaha, this boy acted cool like he was a dare devil and ended up on the first row -.-

Ending of the day with a cup of Koi!

I’m so glad my body isn’t aching from all that cycling yesterday. But even if it does, it’s all worth it in exchange for the company (y) Heading out with the usuals again tmrw. We’re either going Wild Wild Wet or Play Nation to celebrate Aloy’s 12th Birthday! And oh, i just remembered that i have to go check and see if the BBQ pit is available for use tmrw! Alright, gotta head off now!

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