Over the weekend i had dimsum again (2nd time this week) and i’m absolutely convinced that dimsum will be on the menu for my last meal on earth #Nodoubt. Went to Spring Court @ Chinatown again (2nd time in 4 weeks) for brunch, with my family, on Saturday and i’m truly very satisfied.Their dimsum is truly authentic Cantonese style, they provide Top-notch service and in my opinion, they serve the best popiah in Singapore. The filling of their Popiah is thick, juicy and divine. (Shit, i’m craving for it right now)

I have no idea what goes in there but the combination of all the flavours… Boomz!

Although a piece of popiah (which they will divide into 4 smaller individual pieces) costs $6.80, i would say that for the quality of food you’re getting, it’s really worth every cent!

Anw, met up with my Fav Godsisters on the night of Enrica’s Birthday for some waffle and ice-cream at Udders. I used to think that Udders serve the best waffles + ice-cream. But after trying Salted Caramel, i have to say that Salted Caramel’s waffle and ice-cream beats Udders hands down. We still went to Udders and settled for 2nd best in the end because Salted Caramel’s in Thomson and it’s just too out of the way for us.

And we (my cousins + godsiblings) finally found the time to have a go at the pool together after so long. I can’t believe the last time we spent time tgt, in the pool, was during our Bali trip 6 months ago?!


The last 3 photos were taken using my sister’s new iTouch… Omg, iPhone5, where are you???? Hahaha. Alright, 3 posts is more than enough for a day. I’m gonna catch up on my HK dramas now so goodnight!

Just for laughs… hahahahahhaahha. But Nice1 Dave

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