Hairloom and Caramel

Met up with Chris, Shal and Sherrie for a chill out cum catch up session, today, after a million years. Brought them to Hairloom and Caramel @ Shaw Tower and i have to admit that i’m absolutely lovin’ that cafe! It’s one of the more interesting cafes i’ve ever seen thus far because it’s not only a cafe on it’s own, but it comprises of a salon at the other end of the shop. The interior is really exquisite and beautiful and stepping into the shop makes you feel like you’ve stepped into this whole new dimension which is worlds apart from the fast-paced city we’re living in.

What i love about this place is that you can instantly plant your butt on any of the chairs or sofa available, and start flipping through the pages of your favorite book. But if you’re not a book person and all you’re looking for is a place to chill and relax, you can always settle yourself down, enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the cafe (with some Michael Buble playing in the background) and sip into a cup of hot tea accompanied with any of their finest cupcakes or desserts.

We had lunch at the cafe and i ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Boneless Thigh Sandwich set lunch which was pretty good. The sandwich was somewhat like a fusion of western and jap cuisine. The set lunch cost $12.90+ and it comes with an iced lemon tea and a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream.

Chris ordered a Peanut Butter Cupcake and i really love the cupcake because the inside is soft and moist… perfect for me.

I will definitely return to Hairloom and Caramel again. But this time with a book in hand and an entire afternoon to spare.

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