Why are shitty songs making it into the Top Charts and Nerina Pallot’s songs are not one of them?! I wish our radio stations played more of such songs rather than songs with lyrics like “Come here rude boy, boy”… Hahahah, #whatintheworld.

So anw, i’ve been pretty into Skylar Grey, Nerina Pallot, Rachael Yamagata and Priscilla Ahn recently and it makes me believe that good + worthy + commendable songs still exist. Their voices alone are alluring; such an addiction. And at the very least, their song lyrics are raw, beautiful and full of emotions.

On a lighter note, i’m finally done with 3 papers!!! 2 More to go and i’m Free like a bird~~ And then it’s gonna be liberation for 4 months, he he he. Alright, enjoy this beautiful song while i head back for more PBF!

Ps, It’s polling day today and i’m #RidingWithTheLightning! Whatever the outcome is, i pray that God will bless the country with it’s new parliament and that everything will hopefully be for the better good of Singapore.


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