Don’t, don’t let me go

The Click Five, still as good as ever and Kyle Patrick’s still as goodlooking as ever^^

Alright, here’s a quick update. 5 days to my first paper and i’m still… online. I wish i was online because 1)I’m very confident of doing well for my papers 2)I’m doing some extra research / readings on my part. Unfortunately, i’m here because my notes bore me out and i had to find some other means of escape and entertainment that would be of a higher worth (as perceived by me) than just studying. That being said, i don’t want to be online just because i’m online and waste my time over here just because it’s an alternative. But rather, i want to be online because i truly believe that it will be beneficial for me, be it as a form of destress or relief. Hahaha, i’m not so good with words but you do get the idea, right?

Anw, it’s about a week to polling day and this GE is surely heating up more than ever. It’s definitely interesting to see the different views and perspectives being presented by all the different parties (though the issues are largely similar) and how Singaporeans are reacting to it. To some extent, i personally feel that people should be less tactless and more sensitive with their words because after all, all of us are humans. And we do very well know that humans err and well, even the best fall down sometimes… After all, have we all taken for granted the safety and security that the government has clearly and apparently established for us over the years?

And yes, all of these are just my very own opinions so no offence to anyone or whatsoever. Peace (Y)

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