So i went to collect my new specs from the optician this evening and i have to admit that i’m loving every part of it! Cheap + Nice = Awesome deal. Decided to make a new pair of specs on Tuesday because i cannot live without my specs these days. It’s like i’m suddenly attached to it and heavily reliant on it. Studying in specs is so much more comfortable and relaxed as compared to facing my notes in my dry lenses. Grades > How i look?

Anw, life has been pretty mundane recently. I’m constantly shuffling between school and home and everyday i’m surviving on less than 6hours of sleep. On bad days i get <5hours… Sigh. Severely sleep deprived.

Alright. I gotta go replay my current daily routine right now, which is to study into the wee hours of the night. Let's see how i'm gonna sustain this. Goodluck to me! Anw, it's <4 weeks to my exams (I can really faint right now)

*Unleashes the g33k in me*

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