The Script

Umm… You’re kidding me right? I already missed Taylor Swift’s concert 1.5month ago and now i have to miss my all-time favourite band just because of my stupid exams?! Does this even seem justifiable? I’m not happy. Not happy at all >: *heart breaking into a million pieces*

I do not want to live in regret and i sincerely hope i won’t have to. I do not want to conveniently miss this night just because i conveniently have to study… I am gonna find a way to work things out and i know i will. A night away from all my books won’t hurt, will it? (In fact i think will be so much more than pleased)

That aside, i just made myself grilled fish sandwich for lunch, from scratch, and i choose to believe that the sandwich tasted good. It’s not heavenly awesome, but it was, decent. Imma perfect it and open a cafe with this as the signature dish, one day. With my strong passion for cooking and my almost far from perfect culinary skills, i WILL succeed, some day.

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