Beautiful Girls

22nd March’10 ; 22nd March’11

Gosh… 1 year ago we surprised Jelena at her place on the first min of her 19th Birthday, and <24hours ago, we threw a surprise 20th Birthday party for this lovely girl, right after she returned from her Sabah trip! How. Time. Flies. And in the blink of an eye, the 4 of us are on to our 11th year of friendship, and Cheers to the many more years of friendship till eternity :') Luvyougirlstobits. Happy 20th Birthday once again, my beautiful girl! Can't wait for our next meet-up session! ☺

And other than those 3 girls, i am also missing my other 2 babies @plastikkbarbie and @kittykatparade!! I swear that you 5 girls are the most wonderful friends i have ever met, and will ever meet in my life. All of you are the closest group of girls to my heart, and i know that i can always count on anyone of you should anything happen to me ☺ The 5 of you have definitely showed me the true meaning of quality friendship where judging and backstabbing are inexistent and that love, care and concern are the main attributes that string us together. xoxo

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