Read Grasp Love

“That’s the thing about a human life — there’s no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed.”
– ELizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love)

So @mypinkpony and i bought 2 books yesterday, namely “Eat Pray Love” and “Never Let Me Go”, and i honestly can’t get anymore happier. I’ve alrdy started on Elizabeth Gilbert and i can hardly put the book down. The way she expresses and conveys her story through a simple yet engaging and articulate language makes it almost a crime to do anything else but to continue flipping through the pages of the novel. I’m only on chapter 22 of the story and i’m already influenced to take up the most beautiful language of all time, the Italian language (though i know, i will never ever get down to it. The thought of learning a whole new language scares me. Learning chinese was bad enough)

The next two books that i’m planning to get are “The Lovely Bones” and “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. I’m stoked.

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