Across the Universe

Us with the legendary Universal Studios Globe

Best company ever.
Although Wednesday was my 7th trip to USS, i must say it was definitely worth every second of my time because…

1) The company was awesome! Thank you the 7 of you!
2) BSG was up and running!! *hyperventilates*
3) The park was surprisingly quiet. There wasn’t any crowd and we didn’t even have to queue for most of the ride. Even if we did, it was between 5 to 10mins?
4) I managed to have a slice of Loui’s Pizza.
5) I sat on BSG for the first time! Honestly, i feel like the Human side of BSG didn’t do the ride any justice because the thrill factor was 2.5/5. Other than the first drop (which was only mediocre), the rest of the ride was just purely boring. In fact i thought Enchanted airways (the kiddy coaster) travelled at a faster speed than the human side of BSG.
6) the Cylon side of BSG was a blast!!! I was breathless by the time i came out of the ride. The twists and turns were thrilling and the experience was fantastic. THIS IS A “MUST-RIDE”. You have to sit on it to feel the awesome-ness yourself.
7) The Mummy ride is still as good as ever.
8) I left reality and the world behind the entire time i was in there.
9) I finally visited Candylicious (and almost died in there)
10) I saw individual colored m&m’s dispenser machines and
11) I bought PINK colored m&m’s *faints*
12) I laughed a lot.
13) I had dinner at Marche (after a longggg time).
14) I had Rosti.
15) I had an awesome time. Period.

Alright, shall go shower now while i wait for my parents to get home before we head out for dinner! Hopefully we’re having Ramen @ RamenPlay cuz i’m currently craving for it!!

All ready to take on the Universe!

All the excited and happy faces


Checking out the show timings and picking out a few maps to guide us along

1st stop in USS: Monster Rock Show.

New York

Loui’s Pizza = The eatery you MUST visit when you’re at USS.


The little boy Abelle had to babysit when she sat out of BSG (no guts…)

Shyan and Mabel looking cute like 2 little ducklings.


Fit for 2 person!

Hungry us + Delicious food = Nothing left

Us + Shrek

Barbie makeup in PINK!! Bff bought the eyeliner and she said it was pretty good cuz it was smooth and lasting!




Sat on Enchanted Airways twice the other day!

Kena sabo-ed!


Look out for our upcoming Hip-Hop album yooooooo!!!

HAHAHAHHAHAH!! These ppl decided to act cool and took JPR twice. In the end… they were drenched!

Shrek Princesses Cookies… So pretty! But wouldn’t bear to consume them.

Mini Trolleys @ Candylicious!


Bought 2 packets! The Pink ones for me and the Green ones for S 🙂

Flavored Powder Dispenser Machines

Pink colored Hello Kitty candyfloss!


Dinner @ Marche


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