Mulberry: Want = Need

Alexa Chung looking so fine with her Mulberry Alexa *envious*

So here I am presenting to you my current dream bag(s). Gosh. Both the Alexa and Proena Schoulery (PS1) just look so goood that i really really wish i had the money$$$ to buy and call them “mine”. I’m not sure whether i prefer the Alexa or PS1, but either way, owning either of those two will make my life complete. Initially it was the Alexa that caught my eye. But after looking at the PS1 for awhile, i have to say that it’s starting to grow on me, a lot.

I still remember how i got so excited and was on the verge of fainting with overwhelming happiness when i saw the Alexa at the Mulberry Boutique @ Taka the other day. I swear i was in a state of bliss for that brief moment… And mum had to break my heart 4 days ago.

Me: Ahhh!! i wanna get a Mulberry bag! It looks damnnn nice.
Mum: No. I will never approve of you getting Mulberry. I don’t really like the brand. You can get anything else but Mulberry.

??!!! Mum… i’m insanely in love with Mulberry like how you’re totally in love with Prada. So after that conversation with mum, i realized 4 things:

1. I have to work (extremely hard) for my Mulberry bag
2. I need to strike the lottery
3. I have to starve and scrimp (for a very very long time…)
4. Psycho and convince mum that the Mulberry Alexa and PS1 are worth the money.

Anw, USS with @kittykatparade @mypinkpony @plastikkbarbie @xshyan @paulhildreth @L4David and @dollyunicorn tmrw… CAN’T. WAIT. I know it’s gonna be my 7th time in the park, but it’s the first time i’m actually gg with this group of awesome ppl and (wait for it), BSG is up and running!! Yayyy! Alright, have a gr8 Tuesday one and all!

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