To all my friends on BBM, please text/ whatsapp me instead of BBM-ing me because i’ve lost all my contacts (Good grief) when i changed my phone back to my original bb. I’ve no idea why i can’t restore and retrieve back my contacts when i have already backed it all up with my email!!! They keep saying “it’s not successful” “it’s not successful” “it’s not successful” and i just decided to give up. So till i am able to retrieve back all my contacts, please do not BBM me.

And I am so frustrated with Singtel because this problem would not have existed if they had not given me a faulty phone… Or maybe it’s just that all BBs that come into contact with my hands are jinxed. LIKE MY 2 weeks OLD BB HOUSING JUST CRACKED YSTD *heartache*

…I shall just go drown myself in sorrow right now.

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