Princess Kwang’s 20th!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the first month of 2011! It feels like i’m still stuck in 2010; Still coping with the loss of my grandma and still preparing for closure. Preparing to bring 2010 to an end… That aside, i Thank God for this awesome month! Things have been going well and the best thing is… i’m enjoying myself! Realize i’m slowly accepting things for what they are, be it good or bad. I actually see this it as a change and at times, change is good.

So, we celebrated Sauyan’s 20th Birthday at Studio M yesterday and IT. WAS. A. BLAST. I’m glad our surprise went smoothly and the Princess is happy and satisfied with everything!! 🙂 Spent the time catching up with the girls and we had a great time laughing our hearts out! It has been a long time since i ever thoroughly enjoyed myself an entire day!

Spent the night playing 2 rounds of “Circle of Death” and i swear this game is addictive!! If you do not know, this game is actually a drinking card game. This game depends mostly on luck! You can read up on the game here: if you do not know. Anw, for our game, one of the number said “category”. This meant that whoever picked the card has to come up with a category and going clockwise, everyone has to say smth which belongs to that category. The person who gets stuck will then have to drink. And this occurred last night…

Category – Brands of Pads
A: Sofy
B: Laurier
Mabel: Wings
Lydia: Are you a girl or not?
… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! WINGS?! She thought the category was the different type of pads… LOL!

Category – Hairstyles
A: Bangs
B: Braids
C: …
Shyan: Emo hair
Everyone: Drink!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Swear we had so much fun! Anw, can’t believe it’s less than a week to CNY! So excited for it, especially for the Reunion Dinner on Wednesday!! Can’t believe mum spent S$400 just on the food?! Alright, time to crash. Goodnight everyone! And here are some photos from yesterday… Enjoy!

the 2nd level

This cake may look plain on the outside, but… BEHOLD!


Can never go wrong with bright colours

So satisfied with her Kate Spade Pink wallet 🙂

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