Come to think of it, i actually really miss studying lit. Like not just a bit, but a hell lot. Despite the numerous books we had to cover and the frequent nagging from our teachers to read, read and read, it was the only subject that i actually found interest in and probably the only subject that helps me find my inner-self. This may sound weird, but lit was the only subject that i loved studying because i feel like when you study lit, u don’t exactly study with your brains alone, but together with your heart and emotions. In a way, your heart controls your mind. It’s like how no two people will agree on a “correct and perfect” answer to an argument, but how each one of you will use your heart to “fight” for your own unique perfect answer.

And today, i’m stuck with modules like Math, Stats, Accounting, Banking & Finance and Econs… What. Am. I. Doing. With. My. Life.

Just how beneficial and interesting can this modules get? But you see, i’m in a situation where the cup is half-empty and there’s nothing i can do but to (unwillingly) embrace it and accept the situation as it is. What i can say for sure is that the satisfaction i will get from studying these 5 deadly and dull modules will never surpass the satisfaction i derived from studying lit and flipping through the last page of a very good novel.

  1. luvcbelle said:

    yes kif 😦 Me tooooo

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