64th MIDS / 1st MDEC 1 Commissioning and Graduation Ball

Accompanied Sebastian to his Commissioning Ball at Grand Hyatt last Friday and i have to say that it was an experience. I went there thinking that it’ll just be another prom dinner, but i was surprised. The activities they had were entertaining and the food served was really awesome! And you know when you have boys of this age around, they will definitely crack jokes which you don’t know whether you should laugh at, but you still laugh all the same because it’s just well… funny. hahaha. Fortunately his friends were all very friendly so it was a light-hearted dinner and the evening turned out great 🙂

And turning to a very different matter, i have to say that i honestly can’t thank God enough for everything that he has blessed me with. I believe that every good and bad thing that has personally happened to me was made for a purpose. I feel that it’s both an honor and a privilege to have developed this faith since i was a cradle and being a catholic might just be the most fulfilling thing in my 19 (or rather, 20) years on earth. I’m so glad that i can always count on him should anything happen and what i can say is never doubt the power of the Lord!

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