A normal lecture

My table is in a mess. My books and notes are spread all over the table and my pens and highlighters are spilling out of my pencilcase. Well actually, it’s not really my table. I’m sharing it with 2 others. @mypinkpony and a stranger.

I knw (and probably the stranger knows) that my books are crossing over the divider line into his space. But, I’m too lazy to pack the stuff in my space and do anything about it. I know i’ve intruded into his “personal space”. An unspoken private space that we both know but no one is saying anything. It’s my fault. I will do something about it, in a while. Probably when the lecture ends.

Ok, I hear the entire LT laughing. My lame lecturer must have cracked a (lame) joke, again. I have no idea what I missed out. It’s time I return to class.

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