Mechanical life

I was suppose to update this space before mass this morning but it slipped of my mind as I was in a total rush. (see I spent almost half an hr just looking for the “perfect” outfit.)

So… I just realize this morning how I wake up to the same old routine everyday. I wake up, check my phone, on my iTouch, check twitter, reply msgs (if there are), walk to my room, pick out my outfit and take whatever I need, walk to the bathroom, pee (and browse fb for awhile), brush my teeth, wash my face, shower, dry myself, dress myself, put on my contact lens (left before right) and out I go.

And that whole chunk just sounded so mechanical. Anw, what I want to say is that I felt a little disoriented and uneasy this morning just cuz I “screwed” up my entire routine by a slight bit. –> I put on my right contact lens before my left contact lens. And at that instance, everything just felt weird… I felt like I woke up from the wrong side of bed and it was just an indescribable awkward feeling. I felt like… A different person?

That was an experience… Hmm…

  1. relax la. right contacts first won’t kill you, belle. hahaha

  2. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Cannot!! You know when I “screw” up my routine, I feel like I’ve changed my luck for the rest of the day! Let’s see if any misfortune will befall on me within the last 6hrs of the 17th Oct 2010 (touchwood!)

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