Birth day

I will be turning 19 in (cue to start counting using my fingers) 5 days and i feel so indifferent towards it. I’m not exactly hyped up about having a birthday and i’m not expecting much of it. I have no idea how it will turn out for me or what’s in for me.

Age is just a number and a birthday is just a day. Everything happens on that one special day and everything tunes back to normal the next. Life goes on and nothing stops. I guess as we grow up, “special days” like birthdays, christmas, new year and etc start to lose their meaning. It’s not because we’re not well prepared for it, it’s just that we realize birthday wishes are just wishful thinking, christmas presents are bought just for the sake of buying and probably new year resolutions will never be fulfilled?

I just want to spend my birthday with the people i love. No extravagent presents or delectable food needed. Just the warmth of being together ; the feeling of being loved and cherished. And maybe an old school birthday cake to bring me back to the good old days…

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