We’re related for a reason.

Enrica: Either 14th or 15th April. Tickets are either $15 or $20
Me: So how? Wednesday or Thursday?
Sean (my p5 cousin): Thursday!!!
Me: Ok lor. Anything.
Sean: YES! Can cancel tuition~

Hahahahahahaha. Here i am blogging while the rest of my family + cousins + godsiblings are either engaged in a game of mahjong or Rock band. (k, wtshit. I just realize my maid has been reading my blog entry for the past minute. Urgh. So irritated!!) Anw, my cousins are sooooo bad @ rock band! The same old song has been playing for the past 5minutes because they keep failing… Failure ttm. haha.

Anw, it’s so heartwarming to have 13 people gathered in my living room on a Friday night. Feels like we’re in a chalet… except it’s at the comfort of my own home! (The aircon, the comfortable sofa, rock band, marble flooring (?? Haha) etc etc)

And i’m so happy because i finally got a new theme for my Mozilla Firefox!! (check out the picture!!) And most importantly, it’s in PINK!! ha ha ha. And i honestly love my new hellokitty wallpaper for my twitter profile page!! Sudden obsession for Hellokitty!! Meowz. And and and i now have a hello kitty cursor for my laptop!! Sooo cute!

Hahahahahahah!!! And a damn funny conversation just occured!

Aloysious: I want to go to the toilet!!
Uncle: Go la!
… 5 seconds later
Uncle: This is not a seminar or what~

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA!!! This is the kind of comany i’m having (Y) heehee. Alright, gna save the poor souls from their rock band right now!! Tata!

  1. HAHAHAAH SEAN’S SO CUTE. and careless whisperer should STOP talking on the phone and reading other people’s entry!!!!!!! HAAHAH u think she knw hw to read???? LOL LOL
    AND AND i see @xkookiekrunch ^^
    LOVE U

  2. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, i’m careless whisperer is sooooo annoying right. Seriously~ Also not her business. Tsk.
    Loveyou baby!!!! Still sleeping ah??

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