I need a longer break!!!

So it’s confirmed that schools will re-open as scheduled… which means first paper in 5 days. So. What am i doing here??? w8ing for Bkk photos to upload (i didnt know i had 240+ pictures!!) which is taking forever.

Anw, i was watching The Nanny just now and it was so funny.

“My dad once told me that no matter where i go, whether i’m dark, fair, tall or short, people will still hate me… because i’m irritating”.


  1. Anonymous said:

    hey. which part of bk did you go where those great shopping centres could be found?

  2. Anonymous said:

    hey cris u r really pretty (how is ants?)… when can we start math tuition? glad u had fun at bangkok for TWO weeks.

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hey! Hmm, i went to this shopping center called Platinum, and then there was MBK also. And the hotel i stayed in (which was oppostie platinum), had those shopping centers and mini pasar malam which sells lots of clothes too. You can go to those areas to shop (: should be sufficient.
    Cuz practically everywhere in bkk is a shopping area.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Hi IVAN… Thnxxx. Ants is doing well. She is not gg for your tuition tmrw and i think u should speak to my mum about this. I need you to motivate her to study HARDER!
    Ps, will print out your work.
    HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Annabelle Leong, this thing is so nonsensical!

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